Monday, April 18, 2011

I wrote a song,

When you leave me
To go to sleep, I always feel your dreams matter more than me

And I know it's a silly thought
But you'll always be the fattest fish I caught

And on through the years,
If you still want me here,
If you haven't broken
what I've put my heart in

They say we'll grow old
Change our warm intentions to bitter cold

But if I've noticed anything
What they say doesn't mean a thing

'Cause so far, my dear,
I still want your arms
around me at times
when I feel like crying.

Oh, singing this to you, from me.
Oh, I love that you love me.

Maybe we'll grow up,
and the world will become a brimming cup,

And we'll drink ourselves dry,
but never give up, and neither will I.

And success isn't built
on the hunt and the kill.
No more weaks, no more strongs
Let the rights trump the wrongs.

All this buzz, the earth it spins,
and we all ask the questions but no one wins.

I find I need time,
to think of a reason, much less a rhyme.

And time over season,
the allergies, the sneezing.
The sick and the elderly,
wondering, "who will take care of me?"

Oh, singing this to you, from me.
Oh, love me, do you love me?

Oh, singing this to you from me.
Oh, I love that you love me.


My mother liked it when I played it for her :)


  1. awww, this is wonderful! i love the way it all rhymes.

  2. I do in fact love you.
    I would love to hear you sing this. :)


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