Sunday, April 24, 2011

'appropriate' is out the window

"Men and women are completely different. As a teenager it is very easy to miss this simple truth."

I have officially soul-searched my way out of gender.

I enjoy my womanly curves and soft-er features. I also enjoy my reproduction system and the fact that I may, if I so choose, procure a child within myself. I enjoy the ability to paint hormonal cycles, and of course to distinguish myself as a female.

But I do think, that with modern society, most 'female' and 'male' characteristics are defined by certain standards that are set by impetuous people who have strong-armed their ideals unto others.

Unfortunately, everyone is decidedly impressionable.
(I am not presenting myself as a lone crumb, with thoughts separate from the whole cookie-cake of the human race. I am as susceptible to faux-info as anyone.)

I just think that maybe, we're all part of the same race.
And maybe we shouldn't stereotype the capabilities of beings who are separate from us by only a select few reproductive and non-reproductive organs.

Individuality is more important to me than gender.


  1. But modern society, requires no strong-arming. Memes and 'sammich'generalizations self-replicate regardless of the genders of the original authors. We have years and years preconditioning which is nice to float out of utilizing introspective thought... but also makes it easier for us to accept the next creative gender target that goes viral.

  2. You're specifics > my generalizations.
    A general statement of 'society' might have been more satisfactory. By 'modern society' I was including those years upon years of building up and breaking down of specific gender roles.


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