Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what are waiting rooms made for?

Not for me.
Not for hospitals.


Temporarily, you'll be living.
And some believe, temporarily,
you'll be dead.

Temporarily I'll be young and maybe sometime in there I'll be free,
and maybe sometime I'll go through a lot of pain.
I've got demons. But nothing I can't handle, you know?
Nothing that everyone else hasn't handled before me.
I'll have help, maybe.
I know you love me and he and she love me and they all love me,
but damn it if everything doesn't feel so incredibly
all the time.

I know and people have told me that I must enjoy things while they last.
I do. Believe you me, I very much love life and my own.

But after all of the temporary thrills and kills in this life,
it is so ridiculously fulfilling to have one that feels just the least bit constant.

And it's very difficult to not wish that everything felt as
as that one relationship.
That everyone felt as committed to me
as I do
to them.

I realize how unrealistic it is.
And how this temporariness outlook can be applied positively.
And also that I have my own faults in this area.

It's just something to complain about really.


  1. And yet you complain about it brilliantly.
    You manage to make something to complain about something beautiful.

  2. i love how you used 'temporary' here and there! it's quite apt.


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