Sunday, March 6, 2011

living IS

When there's an edge in the conversation,
when you now exactly what is bothering both parties,
and you know there's no resolving it,
no getting over it either..

What can you do but
have an angry,
and loving
throw down?


These days, saying your in love is almost
like saying, "I don't need love."
in the 20's.

Can't a girl be in love without the hate?

Saying I need to 'find' myself before
I can be with anyone else has
no effect.

I know myself pretty well and
though I am far from what I could be
and ions away from adulthood,
I can tell you that

that I make mistakes
one or either of us
could want out of this at some point..
but my point, good lady
is that I can do
what I want.

So, I can be in love.
Without wanting to stop living for myself.


  1. being in love without hate sounds like a good idea. i wouldn't want to live for anyone else and not myself, though. in love or not.


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