Sunday, March 31, 2013

dear body (pt.2)

dear toes,
thank you for carrying me all the way home (like the little pigs you are)

dear ankles, 
you are not weak. 
I'm sorry I call you that sometimes. 

dear knees, 
knobby or not, you still let me bend without letting prying eyes see up my skirt. 

dear thighs, 
I think your stretch marks are like road maps. 
it lets me know I've been places. 

dear tummy, 
I'm sorry for the ridiculous diet of whole vegetables and sweets I feed you. 
I promise to try and eat like a normal person in the future. you're a champ. 

dear breasts, 
you're still mine. that is all. 

dear arms, 
still can't lift a car. 
but that's okay, because I can lift a guitar. 

dear fingers, 
I'm sorry I bite you. they are love bites, I swear. 

dear neck, 
the likeness of a swan's, you allow me to crane over crowds in theatres. 

dear lips, 
also, I'm sorry I bite you. you deserve more chapstick. 

dear nose, 
sorry I poked a hole through you. but if it's any consolation, everyone says you look badass. 

dear eyes, 
I'm sorry I don't wear my glasses all the time, but
glasses or no, you let the beautiful in. 

dear ears, 
I'm sorry I listen to music too loudly at times. 

dear hair, 
sometimes I think you're against me. 
but at the end of the day you curl like a cat at my neck,
the ultimate comfort.

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