Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On criticism and my poetry:

When I write, I write what I feel and then stop when I don't feel anything anymore.
The feeling, being it's sneaky little self, creeps up my back and into the back of my skull
and again, I feel it and I write.

It's a cycle.
A cycle that I can't "work the knots out of" or "re-write" because I'm not happy with the result.
The point is, when something I write flows, it's due to the fact that my thoughts flow. When I write something that catches every now and then, and sticks to itself in a not-so-attractive manner, it's because my thoughts were jumbled and sticky.

Maybe when you write you plan out elaborate stories and plant themes and you rhyme and everything is just so. And I'm not, believe me, saying it's a bad thing. It's not by any means, a bad thing. When I feel just so, I write just so. Perhaps you are always just so.

I'm not complaining (even if in the slightest way, I actually am), I appreciate your criticism.
But I don't want to re-write something that I felt. Ever.

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