Thursday, July 28, 2011

I got something out of my system writing this.

My mind is running 20 thousand miles an hour and I stop only
to realize that I haven't been running at all, that I've only just started
walking. Only walking around and around always.

Forever and always.
It's sounds promising, doesn't it?
It's what is written in my cards
every christmas.

And what I see on billboards and posters
of young lovers and their bliss and their
hands, holding eachother in eachother
and things like that.

Walking into store and the people,
oh those people! They talk with their tongues just, and I think,
"Wow. Those tongues can really move!"

They're dancing, is all.
They're dancing around things on television commercials.
The pills and the babies and the pills and the elderly..

Oh those poor pills.
Poor, poor pills.
Sitting in nursing homes.
Not helping at all.
They probably wish they could help somehow,
those poor pills.

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