Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I can't, in words, explain to you how this, how I, feel.
I am so unbelievably forgetful that I..well I let important things slide by that area of my brain marked as MEMORY. I let them slip from me into oblivion, into the back where the smokers of my mind lurk, feeding off of nothing but themselves.

Did you know that the central processing unit of a human brain only has seven memory registers? Which means that if you have seven things on your mind, and you think of something else, one of the other just casually drops off of the edge and out of your head?

I remember this ickle fact and immediately think of:
Book jackets.
How cold this room is.
I wish I had a jacket.
Too bad you can't tote your entire wardrobe with you on vacation.
How much I wish I wasn't on vacation.
How much my relatives had to drink before clamoring into this hotel room.
Still Wade.

And it continues.


  1. Seven? As many as that? Seems most unlikely. I can't keep seven things in my head at once. That's got to be wrong! :) People often say to me, when I say I can't remember something, 'It can't have been important otherwise you'd remember it!' Are they mad? The important things slip from me as easily as anything else. xx


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