Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Aug 31st 2013

always walking sideways        can you imagine? 
living sideways, living with your head tilted in wonder 


fake posture like posterboard, folding in on oneself
communicate by bits of conversation, the scraps left like little diamonds
scattering the floor - pick one up, you might strike it rich (!)

follow nothing but what there is in front of you, do not look left 
do not look right. shake your body like a leaf and let that feeling roll off in beads, 
turn green in the morning sunlight, let it feed you.

open your eyes, deep breaths like the wind in a cave. 

find your fingers fascinating as they curl and uncurl themselves, 
you are alive! you are so pink, so yellow, so dark and light and beautiful 
and strange that it can stupefy the senses at times.

weird how so many people can feel the same feeling and feel all 
alone in it. funny, even. hilarious that we all have one another to lean on and yet 
we stand erect as if we were man-made instead of tiny pieces of the universe, tiny pieces of 
energy and dust held together by our own collective will. 

it's funny how we don't realize how beautiful we are.

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