Monday, June 27, 2011

I'll sing to you, Jenny
I'll let you know
when the war is won and done

I'll carry your books until
all the dirty looks are through
pointing at you

And all your pretty picking
flowers from the their sticky
points of view
would be of no use
to you

This is for you..

Jenny can't can't can't
because she's done done done
'cause she's done
with this one

And I'll just shoot shoot shoot
from my handgun gun gun
I'm not done,
with this one,
I'm not done.


  1. i love this! ♥ it would make a great song.

  2. Jenny is a figment of my imagination.
    Just like 'Scotty' of 'Scotty Doesn't Know.'
    And it is a song :)


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