Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

I have never been so fabulously well-to-do.
And I can tell you, from the looks of things, though my mind is expanding, that the sight of me will always and forever be limited in the eyes of everyone. Because I'm getting older and people aren't changing as much as they used to.


My favorite color used to be
and that was it and it was what it was!

Until my sister told me her favorite color
Oh! I could see it now, the color of the sky! The blue of the robin's egg!
It was my favorite color!

And that was it and it was what it was...
and so on.


And so, I am HOT pink, you say,
I never really changed, though I might have faded a few shades,
I am still what I am and that is it.


I think that there is something about us that we cannot see ourselves,
and though you think you might know what it is, you don't.

Other people can see it, but they couldn't tell you either.


What I'm wondering is,
why can't I decide to be blue if I want to?

1 comment:

  1. hot pink is hot!
    my favourite colour is orange. this makes people automatically assume that orange is my favourite fruit, too. and the fruit is the reason for me liking the colour.
    me: no, it's not because of the fruit, you silly people -__- orange just appeals to me more than any other colour in the entire yoooniverse.
    BLUE IS SO PRETTY! i love the gazillion shades of blue, especially the dark ones!


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