Monday, February 21, 2011

fault and blame are worldly things

Why has poetry changed for me?
My poetry was never really poetry,
but notes. Little notes
to myself and others at times..

You did this to me.
I don't blame you.
In fact I don't believe in blame and fault and such things
What I do believe in is influence.
YOU are influence
and YOU couldn't be YOU
without influence.

The redundancy!
The repetition, the
world over!

The world will not end.
"The World" is wherever we live.
And trust me,
we'll find another mother
and cost her just as much
like the spoiled brats we are.

But spoiled isn't the right word.
We're en gorged and fattened
also bruised and flattened
and beaten
and adored.
And we'll keep on going
because we don't believe in
We believe in
and "man-made"
and MAN
bites dog down
with his mannish name.

I do not hate the WORLD.
What I do hate is
Doing nothing
seeing nothing
being nothing.

Being someone
and loving something
and living somewhere
all of everything!


1 comment:

  1. As I read "en gorged" I thought to myself,
    "I wonder if that was on purpose...what could it symbolize?"
    And then I thought of Ms Rahm
    and then I gagged.

    Then I kept reading the poem and fell deeply in love with you.
    The energy is fantastic. I can imagine you reciting this and getting completely into it. It bleeds passion, and that makes me happy.


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