Friday, February 25, 2011

Not being in public school does things to you.
I did this drawing two days ago, and have done more since, but this little guy remains my favorite. Mumsy thinks he looks like Yoda.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who are you, Furee Katt?

You've started commenting on my blog and I'm interested.
I'm Jessi.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011's indignant

Do you think it's wrong to want to be at peace with everyone?

I'm in the woods

I have no shame, but I do have faults.
I've never given up my seat for an elderly person.
I don't ride the bus that much anyway.
I say a lot of things and I try new things.
I need a creative outlet,
an aggressive outlet
and a..yearning outlet.
If that's what you want to call sex.

I take a lot, but I like to think I give a lot too.
Sometimes I give things that people may not want
but I spend copious amounts of my time on.

I want to care more about everything than I do,
but I don't know if that makes things better.
Or worse, come to think.

I'd rather be a cat.
Though, I don't see how I'd be a vegetarian...
I wonder if cats believe in love or hate.
I wonder if I do.

I'd be a great cat

Monday, February 21, 2011

fault and blame are worldly things

Why has poetry changed for me?
My poetry was never really poetry,
but notes. Little notes
to myself and others at times..

You did this to me.
I don't blame you.
In fact I don't believe in blame and fault and such things
What I do believe in is influence.
YOU are influence
and YOU couldn't be YOU
without influence.

The redundancy!
The repetition, the
world over!

The world will not end.
"The World" is wherever we live.
And trust me,
we'll find another mother
and cost her just as much
like the spoiled brats we are.

But spoiled isn't the right word.
We're en gorged and fattened
also bruised and flattened
and beaten
and adored.
And we'll keep on going
because we don't believe in
We believe in
and "man-made"
and MAN
bites dog down
with his mannish name.

I do not hate the WORLD.
What I do hate is
Doing nothing
seeing nothing
being nothing.

Being someone
and loving something
and living somewhere
all of everything!


Saturday, February 12, 2011


I talk to myself a lot these days.
And you know, I find myself to be increasingly boring.

I just feel
so very

I feel as if I was born, I was living
and then
I stopped.
I just stopped.

I still love and I cry and I have opinions and insight..
but somewhere along the line, I just
didn't care
the future

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The need for variety baffles me.
Not for things like food or clothes or hair styles..
those are petals.
Aren't people and conversation and human contact a root to the stem of meeting people and liking them and growing to build relationships and love and comaraderie?
I dunno. When you say things like the need for new people, it often times makes me feel..old.
This may seem selfish on my part.
So many before have told me I was foolish,
but as many times as I have heard it, I have yet to experience it myself.

I just don't understand.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

right then

Everything is good,
everything is good.

There are Grand Openings
for shiny new businesses.
Something is discovered,

Babies are popping up like..
well, like babies.


Good like,
good for our
Good like,
good for our
children's children's children!

are we, right?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

to do

The thing is..
I absolutely feel your input and commentary to be necessary.
I care what you think, basically.

But, you know..
you suck

I hug you
and hug you
and squeeze
but I'm hugging
and squeezing
what's already bruised
from too much
tough love.

kids are sociopaths

I watched them
doing dishes
hip to hip
in time to
the music.

And what was that picture?
Above the table
with the seashell lamp
in the room with
the ceramic dalmation.
That picture
frustrated me
and made me jealous
of the stupidest

Why they would want
show him off.

the vastness

I have a feeling
that puppy love isn't
puppy love.

I have a feeling that
it's almost
a way to de-
a very
chemical balance

don't believe

Friday, February 4, 2011

Next christmas
I'm getting you
a big

So the next time you feel your
you can climb up
And nail
yourself to it.